Tuesday, April 20, 2010



The value of a woman is more than jewellery, those in marriage should keep that in mind and husband must be aware of that his wife experience needs to be esteemed and recognized in her value and mission as a woman.
When it comes to conjugal harmony it depends a great respect for the interior and spiritual side of a woman. The feminine natural is a most sensitive recorder of facts and person. A woman can suddenly become meditative and perplexed over the remembrance
Of a particular morning, an all ill-fated day, a past sallow, recalled even just by the tone of voice of the person speaking to her or because of the different manner in which someone gazes at her.

As a husband keep in mind that flower may be beautiful even without fragrance, but fragrant flower is twice as beautiful, likewise a gruff husband may be good but good and gentle husband is twice a treasure.

There are little things in marriage that can make one of the spouse or even both live in the word of “I wish I could knew I could not have got married to you” you might ask yourself why are so many heart break in a relationship and in marriage?
The only secret that most fail to understand if not to put into practice is always a man should be grateful to his wife for all that she is and for all that she does, a man can use a trick in winning her wife `s heart by praising her using sweet words.

What is wrong if a man tells his wife you are the mirror in which I see my self, you are my heart, my light, my life, the object of my happy hours, strength in my labour and my hope in my troubles. To make it sound sweet a man can add “you are the wing by which I can fly toward better things and you are for me the angel who carries me towards the light of God.
Do we say that when men are looking for a lady to marry they shouldn’t be lured by facial appearance? Instead they shouldn’t consider a various noble – woman is worth more than a rubies of which her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.
She is someone who can bring good to a man and not harm all of the days of a man’s life. She select wool and flax and works hard towards achieving success and her husband has full confidence in her and lucks nothing of value, bring good and not harm all of the days of their life in marriage. A woman who gets up while it is still dark, she provides food for her family.

A man must remember that the woman is also concerned about fashion, cleanliness, and elegance. If a man’s temptation is the woman, her temptation is jewels, lovely things.

A good husband should be able to love is wife also in little things. The women loves small details and want to be the center of affection and attention, at least once in while it is a good thing for husband to praise his wife for something well done, to recall her acts of virtue, to praise her success deeds and personal accomplishments, to lay stress on the fact that without her, his life will be without shine, enthusiasm and joy.

Remember a woman is like bee if well treated it gives honey, if neglected and mistreated she stings. Above all there would be no harm to say pardon whenever he realizes he has done something wrong. The best remedy for a fault is to recognize one’s own mistakes.

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