Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet Grace Matata

Grace Matata is one of Tanzania`s new upcoming artist, famous with her debut single WIMBO.  She was first heard on the radio for the first time when she featured the self proclaimed King of free style NIKKI MBISHI on the song known as Punch line. That was the first time Grace entered on the vocal booth. Her song Wimbo earned her a nominee place on TEEN EXTRA AWARDS 2010.  So who is grace matata by the way? This is her interview with Dar411
Dar411:  Who is Grace Matata?
Grace: sassy, witty, funy, smart, spunky and always chasing a high from everything in life. very easy going, easy to be friends with. i love music. i make music. right now im working on my first album:} and hopefully there`ll be more to come.
Dar411: in brief tel us about your background, family,school etc
Grace: Well!  Was born in Mbeya in 1989, raised by our mother (ANN JOHN MATATA) in a family of three (3) kids. I studied in a local school of primary in KIBAHA town, and then attended Ordinary level at Kiluvya secondary school. I took my A-level secondary education at TAMBAZA secondary school where I finished in 2009; currently I’m studying my Bachelor degree on Tax management at the Institute of Finance management (IFM).
Dar411: When dd you exactly start singing and writing?
Grace: I began writing song at the age of 9, which first was interested more on poetry but later turned to song writing.
Dar411: any inspiration?
Grace: Was inspired by most ladies such as Tracy chapman, Deb Talan, Alanis morriset, Chris Pureka
Dar411: Any instrument that you play?
Grace: Was always interested in guitars, Starting playing guitar at the age of 17.
Dar411: As you have said earlier that you started writing and singing at age of 9, but when exactly did you start singing professionally?
Grace:  Well! I started singing officially at the age of 18 when I joined the Motherland band in 2008. Other members who make the motherland are Rodgers, Manfred and Ozee
Dar411: How did you meet with Music Lab (mLAB)
Grace: Was introduced to music lab by a friend. Then was signed by mlab in 2009.
Dar411: best moment on your music career?
Grace:  Was delighted to hear my first single on the radio “WIMBO”. It was a good experience though
Dar411:  Plans?
Grace: I’m currently doing my studies and working on my 1st album.
Dar411:  was nice chatting with you grace
Grace: cheers

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